Ankle Bracelets (Anklets)

- Aug 28, 2018-

Just like wrist bracelets, these can be found in various designs. Popularly known as an anklet, ankle chain, or ankle string, an ankle bracelet is an ornament used to adorn the foot’s ankle. Historically, barefoot anklets have been worn by Indian women and girls for centuries. Today, anklets are a significant accessory in Indian marriages.

Egyptian women have worn anklets since prehistoric periods. In the U.S., casual and formal anklets rocked the market in the 1930’s and late 20th century. These ornaments are a common sight on barefoot women, but men also wear casual anklets made of leather.

Formal ankle bracelets are made of beads or metals such as gold and silver. It can be worn on either ankle, but in India and most Eastern cultures, women wear anklets on both legs. In Western cultures, they are mostly worn by women as fashion jewelry.

An ankle bracelet can be a simple design or one that contains a charm, pendant or both. It is only logical to pair an anklet with attire and shoes that expose its beauty.