Belly Jewelry

- Aug 28, 2018-

Naval ring/belly ring

The most common type of belly jewelry today is belly chains and belly button rings, also known as naval rings.

Belly Button/Naval Rings

Naval rings have been around for centuries. It is believed that belly piercings and jewelry resulted from an ancient Egyptian ritual where piercing your belly would free your spirit from the world of the living and connect you with the world of eternity. Another school of thought attributes these kinds of piercings with the need to show courage or manliness.

Today, there are different styles of belly piercings. The way you pierce your belly depends on your creativity. Some people combine their naval piercing with a tattoo for an elegant, unique look. Just like the styles of the piercings are varied, so are the belly jewelry choices. Designs like hoops and loops, studs, barbells and others for belly button rings exist.

Belly chain

Naval rings can be worn together with a belly chain to make it more appealing. A belly chain is a body ornament worn around the waist. The trend is common in India and Arabic countries where belly dancers wore such chains around their waist. The chain is designed to make the belly piercing more noticeable. Belly chains are commonly made of gold or silver.