Ear Jewelry

- Aug 28, 2018-

Photo credit: Instagram/Suzan.io 

Because ear piercings are very popular, jewelry for the ear is very common. There are different types of ear jewelry to match the various piercings that can be done on this part of the body. Here is a look at different ear piercings and its corresponding jewelry.

Below are the different parts of the ear that can be pierced:

Ear jewelry locations

  • Earlobe, also known as the lobule, this is the most common placement for ear piercings. Both men and women can have a single piercing on the lobe. However, 2, 3 or more lobe piercings in a row are a common sight today.

  • Helix  is the outer rim of the ear. Some people opt for a single or double helix piercings. The double piercing on the Helix is commonly referred to as a scaffold or industrial piercing. At the point where the helix touches the head, a forward helix piercing can be placed. To make it an industrial piercing, the other piercing is done on the back side of the helix, further from the head. Then, a barbell is inserted from the back side of the ear, through the second piercing across the front side of the upper cartilage and fastened at the forward helix piercing.

  • Crus of Helix  is the small ridge of the cartilage positioned above the Tragus. A daith ear piercing is done here.

  • Crura of Antihelix is the depression of cartilage appearing above the Crus of Helix. A rookpiercing is placed here.

  • Tragus is the lower edge of the cartilage connecting the ear to the head. The tragus piercing appears at the center of this part of the ear.

  • Auricular Tubercle is the edge of the external part of the ear, the auricle, between the earlobe and the helix. This is where the ear cuff piercing is placed. Several piercings on the auricular tubercle are popular.

  • Concha is the scooped area inside the ear’s cartilage. Two piercings, the inner and outer conch piercing are positioned here. Neighboring to the ear canal is a cup-shaped portion of the concha where the inner conch piercing is placed. The outer conch piercing is done on the flat area of the ear cartilage between the ear’s anti-helix and helix.

The style of jewelry used on different ear piercings is limited to the wearer’s imagination. However, there are some basic designs for different piercings mentioned above. Below are different types of ear jewelry:

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are commonly used for non-pierced ears.  Ear cuffs are a great way to add style to the ear without the commitment of piercing the ear.  Ear cuffs are sometimes chained to a lobe piercing. However, when there is no such piercing, they simply encircle the outer cartilage.

Below is a beautiful selection of ear cuffs.


This type of ear jewelry appears like it is floating on the earlobe with no visible point of connection. The design of a stud earring features an ornament such as a gemstone attached to a long pin-like post. The post penetrates the pierced part of the ear and is fastened at the back with a removable clutch.

Studs can flatter almost all face shapes and are suitable for different occasions. They could feature diamonds, plastics, pearls, and precious metals, thus making them suitable earrings for formal, semi-formal, and casual wear. Studs are great to wear if you like to wear your earrings all the time and never take them off.

Captive Bead Rings (CBR)

This is a body piercing jewelry that can also be used as earrings. Also known as closure rings, CBRs are characteristically 360 degree rings with a small opening used for insertion. They come with a small bead for closing the insertion gap and it is fastened by the ring’s tension.


Hoop earrings are similar to a ring but larger in size. They could be circular or semi-circular in structure. Generally, they are a loop of wire or metal tubing fixed with a small attachment that can be opened to go through the ear piercing.


Just like their name, barbell earrings resemble a barbell – the gym equipment. Barbell earrings are characterized by two spherical objects attached on either side of a metallic bar. One of these spherical objects is attached, while the other is removable so that the wearer can use this end to insert the barbell into the ear piercing. There are straight and curved angled barbells, depending on the shape of the metal bar.

Drop Earrings

A drop earring is designed with an ornament like a gemstone or beads hanging on a chain, hoop or another object attached to the earlobe. A drop earring can be short or extremely long depending on the taste of a wearer. They could also be referred to as pendant, dangle, or droplet earrings. This group of earrings also covers chandelier types which are characterized by multi-level pendants.

Huggy Earrings

Casually termed as huggies, these are varieties of earrings whose setting hugs the wearer’s earlobe. They exist in various shapes and sizes, including rectangles, hearts, and circles, among others.