Gem Clarity

- Mar 27, 2020-

Distinguish mark

Because gemstones are formed under unique environmental conditions, each gemstone is a combination of trace minerals that have their unique combination of identification marks or inclusions. Inclusions do not necessarily reduce the beauty or demand of colored stones.

What to look for

When considering the clarity of colored gemstones, you should compare your expectations to the standard of this type of gemstone. Some varieties of colored gems, such as aquamarine, blue patite and citrine, have less inclusions under natural conditions, while other gems such as emeralds and rubies tend to have a higher percentage of acceptable inclusion Thing.

Clarity is an important factor when comparing high-quality colored stones. Even opaque opals can have milky inclusions that affect their iridescence and color formation. Generally, gems with moderate inclusions have the best value. Gems with little or no inclusions are outstanding, but can be very expensive