How to clean silver or gold jewelry with pearls?

- Aug 31, 2018-

It is challenging to clean your silver or gold jewelry with pearls, especially, when intricate nooks and crannies are involved.

Do NOT use a liquid silver or gold jewelry cleaner to clean your piece with pearls. You may find a silver cleaning solution that suggests it is safe for pearls, however, this is not true. A silver jewelry cleaner will ruin your pearls by removing the outer shiny layer of the pearl.

Your options are to bring the jewelry to a jeweler for professional cleaning, or use a polishing cloth for the silver and a soap and water solution for the pearls. To clean your silver and gold jewelry embedded with pearls, it is important to clean each part separately.

Begin by buffing the silver parts with the silver polishing cloth. Concentrate on dirt that you can clean. For edges and crevices that are difficult to reach, you can place the point of a toothpick in the polishing cloth and twist and turn it to polish this part of the piece.

To clean the pearls, you will need warm water, a small bowl, mild soap, a makeup brush. Make a solution of warm water and mild soap. Next, spread the jewelry on a soft cloth. Wet a soft brush or cloth with this solution and rub it gently against each pearl. Wipe the piece with a soft cloth and leave it open for several minutes to dry.