Lanpo is still Golden Lanper?

- Nov 21, 2018-

Lanpo refers to a collection of amber varieties in which a variety of colors, such as green, blue-green, sky blue, and blue-violet, are illuminated by natural light on a black background. The two major producers of Lanpo are the Dominican Republic and Mexico, known as Dominican Blue Perp and Mexican Blue Perth.

Dominica Lanper

(Dominican Blue Opal) (Dominican Blue Opal)

Since 2012, Dominica Lanpo jewelry and carvings have appeared in internationally renowned auction venues, which has made countless collectors amazing. Its production is sparse, because the original ore is mostly irregular shape, one kilogram of raw ore usually can only get one-tenth of the finished product, which makes the best multi-meter blue lop have no price. Domi Lanper's unique sky blue and blue-violet tone makes countless people dazzle. The Dome Blue Perth was originally a common amber in the formation. When the Dominican volcano tens of millions of years ago, the lava flowed through the surface, and the high temperature caused pyrolysis of the buried amber in the formation. The fluorescent substance produced in this process, the polycyclic aromatic molecule, was incorporated into Among the amber, the unique geological conditions of Dominica at the time contributed to the formation of the Dominican Blue Perth, giving Domi Lanper a dreamy blue color.

Mexican Blue Per

(Mexico Blue under the natural light of dark background) (Metro Lanper under the dark natural light)

The same is Lanpo, which uses natural light to illuminate the Mexican blue pupa on a black background. It usually has a noticeable green tone, and the fluorescence of the Mexican blue cymbal under ultraviolet light is also weaker than the Dominican blue lop. This is also why the same as the Lan Po, its price is more than a lot of blue and blue people. Mexico's Blue Perk is generally high in purity and cost-effective. It is loved by some consumers and has a tendency to rise in recent years.

Myanmar Golden Blue

(Myanmar Golden Blue Perf) (Myanmar Golden Blue Perak)

The Lanpo varieties that are now widely accepted are the blueprints produced in Dominica and Mexico. However, in Myanmar, there is a kind of amber variety called Jin Lanpo. Under the natural light of black background, it has a color change similar to that of Lan Po, so many people will have such a question: Is Myanmar Golden Lanpo a Lanpo?

This issue is still controversial, but Gee Jun wants to tell you that Myanmar's Golden Blue Perp and Dominica and Mexico's Blue Percy are very different, not only from different sources, but also in different colors, and the prices are also very different. The Burmese Golden Blue is derived from the resin of the coniferous plant, which was formed earlier, while the Domino and the Mexican blue are derived from the resin of the leguminous plant.

Compared with Lanpo, Myanmar Jin Lanpo and Jinpo have similar appearances. They are golden yellow under transmitted light, and the black glare is dark blue with a distinct golden hue. The higher quality Myanmar Golden Blue Perth has a certain collection value, but beware of the merchants' home Myanmar Burma, posing as the more expensive Dominican Blue Perth, then Gems will explain how to identify Dominican Blue Perak and Burmese Golden Blue Perf The method is not difficult, come and learn!

How to identify Dominican Blue and Gold Blue?

The unscrupulous merchants with high blueness and blueness are posing as secrets. Although there are some similarities in appearance and nature, they are two different varieties of amber. The method is not difficult to distinguish the two.


The two types of amber exhibit a certain difference in color when exposed to natural light. The Dominican blue puppies appear pure blue or blue-violet under the dark background. The gold lanpo has a purple luster on a slightly black background, but there are also a few blues comparable to the high quality amber of Dominica. Therefore, the identification of fluorescent reactions is more reliable.

(Fluorescence Reaction of Dominican Blue Perp and Burmese Golden Blue Perf) (Fluorescence Reaction of Dominican Blue Perp and Burmese Golden Blue Perot)

The difference in the performance of the two fluorescence reactions is very obvious. Under ultraviolet light, Dominican blue sap exhibits strong blue-white fluorescence, while gold chloroper's fluorescence is purple.


Dominica Lanpo and Jin Lanpo are both minerals, the quality is tough, the light transmission is yellow to golden yellow, clear and beautiful. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish from the texture alone.


Since Lanpo is formed from leguminous plant resins, Burmese Golden Blue is formed from the resin of the prehistoric Metasequoia plant, and the smell of the two will be different when processed or heated. Lanper's rosin aroma will be more concentrated.


(Myanmar processing is mostly by manual grinding, combined with various reasons, and the processing level is low. Wormholes, snoring, and cracking are common situations.) (Much of Myanmar's processing is mostly by manual grinding, combined with various reasons, and the processing level is low. Wormholes, snoring, and cracking are common situations.)

Myanmar Golden Blue, as its name suggests, is a member of the Burmese amber family. Most of the early Burmese amber was a Burmese worker. Due to the process and machinery, the bead shape of Burmese Gongzhuzi is not standard enough, and the surface of the bead will also have obvious processing marks. This can also be used as one of the methods of identification. However, in the past two years, the crafts in Myanmar have improved, and the process can only be used as a reference.