Nail Jewelry

- Aug 28, 2018-

There are many different kinds of nail jewelry available in the market today. Some of them are affixed onto the nails as “polish secure” with nail art that involves sticking tiny ornaments on wet varnish. The gems held on with nail polish must be light and minuscule, unless you want to stick them with glue. These gems are reusable, since all you need is to rub your nails with a nail varnish remover.

Pendants, studs, and rings are also other types of nail jewelry worn on a small piercing on the white part of the nail that protrudes from the finger. The nail piercing can appear on the edge or atop the nail plate. The common jewelry worn on nail piercing may look like small chains (usually called nail charms), or hoop earrings that dangle off the tip of the nail. The nail jewels are made of different materials like metals, gemstones or crystals, and can feature various designs including crosses, a palm tree, dolphin, hearts, and butterflies.