Nose Piercings

- Aug 28, 2018-

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Nose piercing locations

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There are different types of nose piercings, classified according to where the hole appears. Nostril and septum nose piercings are the most popular.  Since nose piercings are common, the range of nose jewelry you can find in the market is broad.

Nose rings

Nose rings are a type of nose jewelry worn either through the septum, center, or one side of the nose. They are common among men and women. Nose rings have been used for centuries. In the Middle East and Africa, men gave their new wives nose rings to indicate the woman’s new status and bar other men from showing romantic interest in the wearer. In these regions, the size of nostril rings was associated with the wealth in a family. In South and Central America, septum piercings were worn as a symbol of status.

Today, about 15 percent of US men and 19 percent of US women have nose piercings. This makes nose jewelry a popular type of body jewelry. Nose jewelry can also be varied. Ideally, what should be referred to as a nose ring includes loops, circular barbells, and hoops.

Nose Screw

A nose screw is a short, hooked post that the wearer can twist through a nostril piercing. They can be left-bend or right-bend, depending on the side of nostril the screw is designed for.


Studs, such as labret studs, are common pieces for piercings in different parts of the body, including the nose. The beauty with labret studs is that they come with different tops, all bejeweled to make your nose jewel appear more glamorous.


It involves a short post with an embellished top that lies on the nostril and is fastened inside the nostril by a spherical bottom.


This is a common jewelry choice for people with septum piercings and, in certain cases, a bridge piercing. It is designed like a straight taper with pointed ends. A spike should be worn across the piercing with its pointed ends sticking out.