Shoe Jewelry

- Aug 28, 2018-

Shoe jewelry

Shoe jewelry encompasses shoe add-ons such as charm bracelets, chains, and clips worn on or around the shoe to enhance its appearance or draw attention. These accessories can transform any basic shoe into fashionable dazzling chic shoes, suitable for different occasions.

Shoe clips can be attached to the vamp, quarter or any other part of the shoe depending on its design or wearer’s preference. They come in different designs featuring chandeliers, bowknot, flowers and others. They are also adorned with different ornaments such as crystals, rhinestones, pearls and precious metals. They are often worn to make a shoe even fancier for parties or wedding ceremonies.

Shoe chains come in different designs. From single strands to layered designs, and made of metals and decorated with gemstones, pearls, and beads, among other materials. One can wear these chains around the ankle when dressing in high heels.

Shoe charms or Jibbitz come in various colors and designs. All you need is to pin the different shapes on your shoe laces, holes of Crocs, the front upper or any other side of the shoes, in an arrangement of your choice. They are beautiful accessories for livening up an old pair of sneakers, kids’ shoes, Crocs and other types of shoes. Charms are removable and transferable to other pairs of shoes.