Tongue Jewelry

- Aug 28, 2018-

Tongue Jewelry

Tongue jewelry

The most common type of tongue jewelry is a barbell style of the jewel, usually worn on a piercing appearing in the center of the tongue. To enhance the styles of tongue jewelry, the ends of barbells are designed into different shapes. This way, you can find flat tongue stud barbells, tongue ticklers, picture tongue bars, BioFlex barbells with balls and others. Some of these barbell ends and bars are jeweled too.

There are people who undertake several tongue piercings, arranged in a triangle or diamond shape. Another kind of tongue piercing is referred to as a snake bite, which is created when the piercer makes holes on both sides of the center of the tongue, near the tip.

Barbells or the bars for tongue piercings can be made of stainless steel, high carbon plastics, titanium, and niobium, among other materials. The material for tongue jewelry is chosen keenly to make sure it doesn’t irritate the mouth or cause infections.