What are the varieties of spinel?

- Jan 10, 2019-

1. Red spinel: mainly contains trace coloring element Cr 3+ and is red in various shades. Among them, pure red is the most precious gemstone in spinel. This kind of variety used to mistake it as ruby. .

2. Blue spinel: it contains Fe 2+ and Zn 2+ and is blue. Most blue spinels are from dark blue to purple blue, or greenish blue.

3, orange spinel: is a variety of orange-red to orange spinel.

4, colorless spinel: very rare, most of the natural colorless spinel is more or less with a pink hue.

5, green spinel: generally caused by Fe 2+, the color is dark, and some are basically black, the real black spinel is found in Montesanma, Thailand and so on.

6, color changing spinel: very rare. In daylight, it is blue, under artificial light, it is purple.

7, star spinel: This spinel is generally dark purple to black, a small number. It can be a star or a star, mainly found in Sri Lanka.