What is Arts and Crafts style jewelry?

- Sep 22, 2018-

The Arts and Crafts movement occurred from 1880 to 1820, primarily in the United States and Great Britain. It was a response to the decadence of the Victorian era and to the social changes that resulted from industrialization. The movement focused on the value of craftsmanship, fair working conditions, and a handmade aesthetic.

Though the Arts and Crafts movement is more famous for its influence on household goods such as furniture, lamps, and pottery, it was seen in jewelry styles as well.

Arts and Crafts jewelry was designed with simple lines and a lack of ornamentation. The elaborate mosaics and fanciful designs of the Victorian era were abandoned in favor of single gems in plain settings, or no gems at all. Metalwork was incredibly popular, and twists of gold and silver pieces were often seen in bracelets and rings of the period.