What is dichroic glass?

- Aug 05, 2018-

Dichroic glass is known for its unique ability to reflect many different colors under different light conditions. Like a prism, it has the ability to produce rainbow-like colors when observed from different angles. The colors are brilliant, making dichroic glass an interesting addition to jewelry and other decorative items.

Fabrication of this glass is based on thin-film optics. Layers of glass and micro-thin layers of metals such as gold, silver, or their oxides (titanium, silica or chromium) are fused under high temperature in a vacuum chamber. A thin protective coat of quartz or any other variant is applied on the resultant crystal. This produces a beautiful non-translucent glass with color shifting properties. Dichroic glass is actually thinner than a human hair but may have about 30 to 50 layers of metals stacked on it.

The most striking feature of dichroic glass is the huge range of brilliant iridescent colors that it comes in.  Various color combinations are created due to the melting of different colors together which harden into unique pieces of glass.