What jewelry is suitable for wearing in winter

- Jan 10, 2019-

The cold winter makes people think that it is cool and cool. When it comes to jewelry and jewelry, there is a hint of coolness. But if you know the matching skills of jewelry and jewelry, you will feel the warmth when you are cold, and you will immediately throw the cold into the brain. Rear. That is, you think that "cold" jewelry may help you to light up your mood, say goodbye to laziness and dullness, and instantly enhance your style! However, in the winter, the matching of winter jewellery is also skillful. If it is not good, it will be greatly discounted. So what jewelry is suitable for wearing in winter? Here are a few tips that might make you stand out

How to wear jewelry and jewelry to show your personality: ring wearing method

There is no seasonal limit on the trend of wearing the ring, even in the hot summer or the cold winter ring stack has a certain visual influence. The combination of rings is very personal, whether you are cool and casual, you can use the ring stack to express. Jewelry jewelry rings are most commonly worn on the ring finger, middle finger and index finger. Sometimes the tail ring is also available, but it is generally not so comfortable to wear on the tail finger.

Paired with skillful fashion: multiple bracelets stacked

Even in the winter, there is no love for beauty, and the decoration on the wrist is still a big attraction. Winter is a bit dull, so wearing jewelry must have a bright spot, in order to have the effect of lighting the mood and giving people a bright effect. Bracelet stacking is one of the best ways to quickly increase the sense of style. Generally, the bracelets are stacked with the same or similar materials and styles, the same color or the contrast color, so the visual effect will be great!

What kind of jewelry is suitable for winter: brooch

Wearing a brooch in the winter can give you the finishing touch. In winter, the brooch is more than the season, and its brooch is attached to the body, which makes the overall shape enhance the style, which is particularly eye-catching. With the brooch, you can match the position on the top. The brooch can be worn in a variety of ways. It can be worn on the chest, chest, or even the waist. In the winter, the temperament coat or warm sweater is matched with a chic and well-known scale. The brooch can make you look special and stylish. Whether it is a high-end banquet or a shopping trip, it is not rude and glamorous.