What jewelry styles were popular during the Late Victorian Period?

- Sep 21, 2018-

The Late Victorian, or Aesthetic Period, occurred after Queen Victoria emerged from mourning and featured a return to more whimsical art. Motifs such as stars, hearts, and dragons became common, as well as pieces modeled on Egyptian hieroglyphics. Designs became smaller and simpler

During this time, more gold mines were discovered on the American west coast and in Alaska, and several more diamond mines were opened by British companies in South Africa. The influx of new gold and diamonds lowered the cost of fine jewelry even further.

Diamond jewelry became especially popular in 1897, when it was made to celebrate the queen’s 60th anniversary as monarch. There were also inexpensive pieces of jewelry made to commemorate the Jubilee for the lower classes, which were cast in silver and stamped with the letter “V” for Victoria.