What styles of jewelry were popular during the Edwardian era?

- Sep 22, 2018-

Jewelry and other forms of art from this time were elaborate and decorative, unlike the styles of the Arts and Crafts movement. Though the 20th century had begun, the Victorian influence was still strong, and this was reflected in the era’s classic, feminine patterns, including jewelry with hearts, flowers, and lacy filigree.

Most Edwardian jewelry was designed to highlight the beauty of a single key element, such as a large gemstone or pearl. The “white-on-white” look was popular for its sophisticated style, so many pieces were made with diamonds or pearls set in platinum or white gold.

Edwardian jewelry was also influenced by Rococo style, and in particular a “garland” look became popular. This could take the form of an actual garland, in which a bracelet, ring, or necklace was made in the shape of bows and leaves. Another popular garland piece was a choker-like necklace made of many draped strings of gemstones.

Styles of jewelry in the Edwardian era were heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, with which it overlapped.