Who said that crystals are cheap goods, teach you to identify the nobility in the crystal

- Nov 22, 2018-

Among the colored gemstones, crystal should be regarded as the most recognized gem. Some people have the impression that the crystal is cheap. The natural crystal is very rare and the price is very expensive. Today, Gemsjun teaches you to identify the nobility in the crystal.

Hair crystal

The reason why hair crystal is called hair crystal is because the inside of the crystal is wrapped with different kinds of needle-like minerals, which looks like hair. In natural hair crystals, the hair is mostly straight and filamentous, and the small ones are also curved, often in a bundle, radial or irregular orientation. Common hair crystal colors are golden yellow, black, copper red, silver white, green, and the like. In the market, the type of crystal is generally divided according to different colors. In fact, this is relatively one-sided, and the most important one should be divided according to the different inclusion minerals. The minerals inside the hair crystal are mainly titanium oxide, rutile, black tourmaline (black tourmaline) or actinolite.

(Blonde crystal) (Blonde crystal)

The most famous of the crystals is the blonde crystal, whose main component is rutile. Because the hair inside the blonde crystal is very similar to the blond hair of a foreign girl, the blonde crystal is also called "Vienna hair crystal". The high-quality blonde crystals are crystal clear and lustrous, the inner gold wires are arranged neatly and densely, and the ice cracks are less. If the hairline arrangement is basically in the same direction, it is called straight hair, and the hairline of the hairline is thick and straight, forming a plate shape, which is called titanium crystal; the hair is straight and parallel-oriented hair crystal, and can be processed after processing. A cat's eye effect appears.

(The picture shows titanium crystal on the left and the cat's eye on the right) (Titanium on the left and Cat's eye on the right)

Both of these are fine crystals.

(copper hair crystal) (copper hair crystal)

The main component of copper hair crystal is titanium oxide, and its inclusions are like a strip of wire. The unique metallic luster makes it unique. The high-quality copper hair crystal is golden red, the crystal is transparent, and the inner hair is dense and dense.

(black hair crystal) (black hair crystal)

The main component of the black crystal is black tourmaline, which contains dark hair. The hair of the best black hair crystals and crystals are distinct, even without clouds and ice cracks.

Ghost crystal

Ghost crystal, belongs to the crystal of vision. Vision crystal refers to minerals such as volcanic mud of different colors in the process of crystal growth. In the transparent white crystal, crystals of natural vision such as clouds, plants, vortexes and even pyramids emerge. According to the color, the ghost crystal is mainly divided into green ghost, red ghost, yellow ghost, white ghost and so on.

(Green Ghost) (Green Ghost)

Although the name of Green Ghost is a bit scary, it is actually one of the most popular high-end crystals. Judging whether the color of the ghost crystal is good or bad, it is necessary to comprehensively judge the part containing the inclusion and the part containing no inclusion. The clearer the fraction without inclusions, the less impurities the better. The evaluation of the inclusions is more complicated. In the industry, the contents of the ghost crystal are divided into pyramids, cornucopias, stars, and layers of snow.

(pyramid) (pyramid)

(treasure cone) (cornucopia)

(Starry Sky) (Starry Sky)

Pyramids and cornucopias are of higher value in the Ghost Crystal, and the rest are under both.

(Red Ghost) (Red Ghost)

The value of the red ghost is slightly lower than the green ghost, but the hot red seems to give the gem temperature, but also can be purchased according to personal preferences.

(Color Ghost) (Color Ghost)

Colourful and uniquely colored ghosts have a high appreciation value, and it seems to be watching a pair of unique paintings.

Water crystal

If the inside of the clear crystal crystal has a liquid inclusion like a water droplet, it is called a water crystal. The water bladder of the water crystal is not so small as the water bladder in the amber, and it is also different from the agate water. Some large crystals of crystal crystals can also see the rolling of liquid when shaking. It can be said that each crystal of water is a strange stone.

(water crystal) (water crystal)

Water crystal is a treasure in crystal and may be contained in crystals of various colors. Colored cholecyst crystals, which are colored and contain solid, liquid and gaseous substances, are the rarest and have a very low probability of being formed in nature.

(Including three-phase color water bladder 18-faced pale brown crystal) (containing three-phase color water bladder 18-faced pale brown crystal)

Oil crystal

The oil crystal is very similar to the water crystal, and its interior looks like a huge oil drop, so it is called oil crystal. Its contents will appear liquid, gas and even solid matter, its liquid inclusions are yellow, and the solid inclusions are small pieces of black matter. So far, there is no exact statement about the composition of the interior of the oil crystal.

(oil gall crystal) (oil crystal)

Oil crystal is a lovely and intelligent presence. The oil crystals with high value are collected, the crystals are clean and thorough, the oil is big and the shape is regular, and the internal bubble fluidity is good.

Paraiba crystal

Paraiba crystals are produced in Brazil and are very rare. The inclusions are blue or green radial pellets belonging to different types of copper-bearing minerals.

(Paliba Crystal) (Paraíba Crystal)

In addition to crystal clear, crystal also contains infinite beauty. It can be said that as long as you can imagine the beauty can appear in the crystal. Did you look at the crystal family?