Baojie Joyee Interprets Jewelry And Reflects New Female Attitude

- Oct 15, 2018-

The most famous identification of baojie joyee is earrings fashion designer, bojem rings emblem founder, celebrity jewelry representative, in addition, there are many unswerving lovers understand that baojie joyee is still a jewellery brand magazine "jewelry public sale appreciation" editor-in-leader, precisely because of this diverse identity, this time in the paris fashion week to see the show, baojie joyee also as a unique guest and zhang tianai attended the "celeb marie claire" sixtieth anniversary pictures artwork exhibition.


Baojie joyee and zhang tianai attended the image exhibition collectively

For a long term, baojie joyee appreciates the interpretation of fashion by way of marie claire. marie claire is the sector's diagnosed authoritative magazine in the area of fashion, and is the fashion trend of ladies all over the global. as a elegant, unbiased and wholesome new-age woman, baojie joyee hopes to research more about the specific elements of ladies's spirituality through the images exhibition of the sixtieth anniversary of the jiaren.

A corner of the jiaren images exhibition

The topic of this photograph exhibition is "the world in girls's eyes". from the attitude of six woman photographers, it indicates many influential events and characters in the past 60 years, including the french mythical female photographer sarah moon, present day style images. artist francoise huguier, as well as heraès, dior, louis vuitton and other brands of photographer sacha van dorssen and plenty of different outstanding works.

Women's energy has constantly been the subject of challenge for joey joyee. rings is an expression of mind-set and a image of women's energy. inside the manner of designing earrings, baojie joyee advocates that girls can really and bravely do themselves, hoping to let girls bring a type of beauty through rings. this beauty may be the beauty of longevity, the splendor of freedom, the beauty of energy... is any kind of signal a lady has the splendor of an independent personality.

At the day of the photography exhibition, baojie joyee offered her own blue sea earrings for the younger zhang tianai. the sea blue treasure is produced in brazil, the shade is blue just like the maldives, the pinnacle is matched with a plain moonstone, and the center is supplemented by means of two square cuts. aquamarine and diamonds give a fresh feeling. the large oval sea blue treasure inlaid inside the tail is the crowning contact. with the purple starry sky dress of the sky, it shines under the flashlight and blooms with the splendor of freedom.

Baojie joyee affords earrings to zhang tianai

Baojie joyee layout manuscript and completed aquamarine rings

Within the interview with jia's later, baojie joyee stated: "i failed to at once pick out the most important and maximum fantastic jewels for the match, however choose to spend time and love with the sky or with different jewelers. level of conversation, multi-faceted know-how of the traits and needs of different girls, imparting a matching machine suitable for his or her own fashion"; additionally because of the initial heart of jewellery, baojie joyee insists on seeing the world from the attitude of ladies around the arena, rather than from the attitude of self, it is intended to provide extra girls with mind-set jewelry. just like the theme of the jiaren photography exhibition, it represents a brand new mind-set towards girls.