China And Thailand Signed A Letter Of Intent To Deepen Bilateral Cooperation In The Jewelry Industry

- Jul 19, 2018-

国家珠宝玉石质量监督检验中心(NGTC)与泰国珠宝研究院(GIT)在北京签署了科技合作意向书。陈溯 摄

The national jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection center (NGTC) and the Thai jewelry research institute (GIT) signed a letter of intent for scientific and technological cooperation in Beijing.

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China national jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection center is affiliated to the ministry of natural resources of China and is a national jewelry jade quality inspection organization.

The jewelry research institute of Thailand is a public research and development institute of jewelry owned by the ministry of commerce of Thailand.

Both institutions have strong authority and influence in their respective domestic jewelry field and are widely recognized on international platforms.

Ye zhibin, director of the NGTC, said at the signing ceremony that China's "One Belt And One Road" initiative has brought more opportunities to the colored gemstone market in both countries.

As early as 2010, the two sides signed a letter of intent on scientific and technological cooperation. After many exchanges of visits and promotion of scientific and technological exchanges, both sides intend to continue to deepen cooperation.

The signing of this letter of intent for scientific and technological cooperation will elevate the bilateral cooperation to a new height.

The future, NGTC will together GIT for colored stones in the field of international science and technology research and development, standards, testing, education and training, culture promotion plan for cooperation and seek common development and international exchange, etc.

GIT, chairman of the board, Nathan with ・ check said, the two sides signed scientific and technological cooperation letter of intent for this important measures, to promote China's national standards to the international process with a colored stone, and at the same time, the jewelry industry's leading institutions set up between the two countries to exchange for the starting point of the cooperation mechanism of science and technology, also marks the tiger in the jewelry industry and trade cooperation between the two countries into a new stage of development, the GIT phase � S and NGTC in jewelry research, standards development, testing, training, and jewelry closer cooperation on cultural exchanges and other fields.

On the same day, minister of commerce youmuxian, minister of commerce of the business department of the Thai embassy in China, counsellor zheng meiyun, minister of business affairs, and people from both organizations attended the signing ceremony to witness the moment.