Hot Summer, Which Kind Of Gem Can Have The Effect Of Cooling Down?

- Aug 02, 2018-

Although it is often rainy in the hot summer, it is even more sultry after the rain. There is no desire to wear even the jewels in the sticky sky. How can this be done? In fact, you may not know that wearing a pair of jewelry can have the effect of cooling!

There is a secret among jewelers that people in Russia always like brighter, more saturated gems, while lighter, more transparent gems in Dubai are more popular. see it? The secret of cooling is just like this! We selected the gemstones to cool down the weapon and accompany you through the hot summer.


Aquamarine turns into ocean wind in one second

At first glance, the aquamarine that thinks of the ocean is the first choice for summer jewellery. Its color is very similar to that of sea water. For this reason, the ancients always thought that it was produced from the seabed, the essence of sea water, and even after getting it. It is confirmed that aquamarine exists in the pegmatite deposit, and its indissoluble bond with water is also settled.


Several kinds of gems are enough for you to support the sky this year, and quickly change your own jewelry box, who is not willing to see a refreshing match, cool girl in the hot summer?Please click on our company's website: