Inviting You To The 2019 Luzhou Gem Festival

- Oct 31, 2019-

A few days ago, the 16th Luzhou Gem Festival will be held from November 2nd to November 5th, 2019. The theme of this gem festival is “Dongrong Dawan District, Open New Cangzhou”.

This Jewelry Festival is co-sponsored by the China Jewelry and Jewelry Industry Association, the China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat, and the Ganzhou Municipal Government. On the basis of retaining the traditional classic activities, the festival will plan the theme of the innovative gem festival, showing the new development, new achievements and new features of the city since the founding of New China.

At the same time, by fully excavating the profound historical and cultural heritage of Cangzhou City, we will plan creative activities with the characteristics of Lingnan culture and riding culture, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with the theme of bright, energetic and cohesive activities.

According to the arrangement, this Jewelry Festival includes the opening ceremony, the fourth meeting of the Xijiang Economic Zone Urban Community and Mayor Joint Conference and the Xijiang Economic Development Forum, the Zhangzhou Gem Industry Development Forum, and the Zhangzhou Ceramic Industry Development Forum. Win "Cangzhou Investment Environment Promotion Conference, Luzhou Gem Culture Museum, Xijiang Trade and Culture Museum Public Open Day, Zhangzhou Jewelry Exhibition, the first Guangxi "Xijiang Cup" Bao (Jade) Stone Works Exhibition, "Lingnan Jiapin, Zhangzhou Hand Letter" Zhangzhou The special product exhibition fair, “Promoting traditional culture, building a beautiful home”, the gem doll talent show, the 20th Zhangzhou Baosha Flower Show, the “Hundred Years of Business, Gemstone” jewelry design competition and new product launch.

2019 Lingnan (Chuzhou) Marriage Customs Cultural Ceremony, "Opening Zhangzhou, Gongyuan Dream" The 7th Zhangzhou Kite Invitational Tournament, "Canghai Cup" Chinese Minority Square Dance Competition Guangxi·Cangzhou (Canghai Station), the whole city red songs The big singer, "Lingnan Gujun, Zhangzhou Taste" food carnival and many other activities.

It is reported that the venues of this Jewel Festival are arranged at Jiangbin International Hotel, Guolong Hotel, San Francisco, Zhangzhou College, Cultural Exhibition Center, Sports Training Base, Arcade City, Municipal Plaza, Gem City, and Gems Building. Rose Lake Park, Canghai Tourist Resort, etc.