Jewelry Legend

- Oct 21, 2018-

Diana’s life is complete of legends, or even the jewelry she wears has end up mythical in time. her glossy taste remains a model of beauty and elegance today, and her jewellery mix is complete of sense of luxury. you are wang hao, she has infinite jewelry, and some are given special which means. now permit every body know the legends and memories in dai dai earrings.

Sapphire ring

The most famous jewel is the sapphire marriage ring that prince charles gave her. the main stone of the ring is a 12-carat oval-cut sapphire with 14 small diamonds around the sapphire. because of diana's legendary existence, this inlaid style has additionally been named "daiyu", which has been famous within the rings circle, and the main stone has also prolonged from sapphire to tanzanite, garnet and so on.

Princess diana loves sapphire very much. in reality, while she were given married, she also obtained a fixed of sapphire add-ons from the saudi royal own family, inclusive of necklaces, rings and bracelets, which coincided with the hoop.

Not best that, but wang hao has a very good idea of rings matching. she removed the watch and ring from the set and reorganized it into a choker/hair band that made it shine. it unlocked two new approaches to put on it.

Pearl tear crown

Pearl tears ought to be one of the most famous collections of the british royal crowns. its "famous" is not because of how subtle the layout, how uncommon the colourful, however due to the fact the crown has a "cursed" legend. this crown changed into created in 1913, due to the fact the pearl inlaid inside the crown is sort of a teardrop, additionally known as "pearl tears."

Spencer crown

Princess diana is the youngest daughter of be counted earl of spencer, and he or she is taken into consideration to have royal blood. the crown she wore at the marriage was the treasure of this maiden spencer own family, the spencer crown.

South sea pearl rings

The origin of the jewelry is untested, but it's miles indeed one in all dai’s preferred rings.

Emerald necklace and jewelry

The necklace worn by means of dai dai on her brow became inherited by way of the queen from her grandmother, who later gave the necklace to dai dai as a marriage present. dai zhen used this necklace as a headpiece when she changed into journeying australia. later, prince charles created her matching emerald rings on dai's 22nd birthday.

Sapphire bracelet, ring

This bracelet is embellished with 5 strings of pearls. this sapphire is a gift acquired via dai dai or the princess. this bracelet is certainly one of dai dai’s favorite accessories.

Sapphire headband, jewelry

The saudi royal own family gave dai wei a marriage present: a sapphire healthy. later, dai dai took the biggest sapphire from the necklace inside the entire set and made it into a hair band.

Pearl sapphire necklace

This pearl is the most iconic of dai dai's many jewelry add-ons, and she or he is often visible carrying it on many occasions. the big sapphire within the middle is surrounded with the aid of  laps of diamonds. this jewel turned into firstly a brooch, a marriage present given to dai dai by means of dai dai’s mom.

Sapphire earring

In 1987, dai li and prince charles attended the cannes film competition. the sapphire jewelry she wore were as vivid and moving as her eyes, and even the colours were exactly the identical. this appearance made dai dai a permanent classic in cannes.

Oman diamond set

This geometric diamond set turned into acquired via dai dai at some point of his country go to to oman in the center east in 1986. in addition to rings and necklaces, there may be a matching bracelet.