Necklace: Jewelry Knowledge And Buying Tips

- Jul 18, 2019-

A suitable necklace or pendant will add to her outfit. In addition to being a fashionable gift, giving a necklace gives her the opportunity to romantically wear the necklace on her neck for the first time.

In general, necklaces are made of precious metals or precious stones and can be of different lengths. They also come in a pendant style, which can be a single diamond, a gemstone, a fine metal design or a pearl, usually hanging on a chain. The pearl chain is a long chain that is tightly packed with pearls.

Metal chain

Metal chain

The chain can be used with anything. The high-grade platinum chain of the collar length adds a hint of luster. Consider giving her a 18-inch sterling silver or 18k gold chain to add a dazzling element to her wardrobe.



Necklaces come in a variety of styles, including heavier chains, loops and trims. Some necklaces have a fixed set of diamonds or gems, while other necklace gems occupy the length of the entire necklace. The pendant has a diamond, gemstone or superior metal design that hangs from the chain.

Pearl chain

Pearl chain

Pearl chain is an essential element in women's jewelry. She can wear a pearl chain to lining the skirt to make the instrument elegant.

Single stone pendant necklace

Single stone pendant necklace

The simple design of the single stone pendant necklace focuses all attention on a beautiful diamond, pearl or gemstone. These timeless pieces of jewelry can be worn with skirts or jeans. Our own Diamond Pendant® feature lets you choose diamonds and settings to create a unique piece of jewelry.

Chain type

Bead Byzantine and O-chain

Wire mesh rolo chain and rope chain

Snake Box with Wheat Chain

Pick the correct length

When choosing a necklace or pendant, consider the length, which will determine where it is placed on her chest.

Pearl chain length

16" collar length: Just above the collarbone. Highlight her neckline.

18-inch princess length: draped over the collarbone. Universal length.

24" extension: On top of a ladies' top or skirt. A striking length.

Tips for purchase: At Blue Nile, we measure the length of the necklace based on the distance between the end and the end, and the buckle is also counted.

Necklaces and pendants as gifts

Many women will wear artificial pearls first, so a freshwater pearl chain is a good gift for young women. For special occasions such as birthdays or first wedding anniversary, consider a separate pendant for a pearl or diamond. For very special days, such as the 5th or 10th anniversary, you can send a Japanese Akoya cultured pearl, which is the most beautiful white pearl on the market. Every time she wears it, she remembers this day.

If you are a happy moment, such as a gift for a holiday or promotion, consider a pendant in 18k yellow gold, platinum or sterling silver, which is a delightful fashion jewellery.