Nine Rare Gems That Are More Precious Than Diamonds Are Hard To Buy!Nine Rare Gems That Are More Precious Than Diamonds Are Hard To Buy!

- Sep 20, 2018-

The diamond is called the "king of gem stones", now not most effective because of its unbridunding splendor and splendor, but additionally symbolizes the eternal love. on the same time, because diamonds are uncommon in nature and mining is tough, costs have remained excessive.

But, those gem stones are more treasured than the "king of gemstones". these gems are scattered in a few corner of the arena, and the names are not often stated.

They may be no longer most effective sparsely populated, however also high-priced and difficult to mine. even to date it's far tough to reduce a gemstone with a complete shape. but with its specific colour and luster, it nonetheless makes the arena's gem fanatics captivated with it.

Purple beryl

The pink beryl is pink in colour, with superb transparency and is likewise very tough. specifically produced within the thomas mountains of utah, usa, due to mining problems, the production is just too small, ensuing on this crimson beryl has been rarely circulated in the market, rare to "a rare sight."

To extract 1 carat of purple beryl, you have to spend 10,000 us greenbacks (approximately nt$300,000). it is not surprising that it's so precious and rare.


Boraxite is a very rare blue borate mineral, the most famous of which is in namibia, africa. the borolite shade is blue, white and colorless.

Yttrium aluminum magnesium zinc

铍al-magnesium-zinc was first discovered in south australia in 1967, and a small wide variety of mineral samples were later observed in greenland, madagascar, and antarctica. until now, only 8 gem stones with apparent shapes and pure colors have been reduce inside the world.

Red diamond

Crimson diamonds also are a form of diamonds, however due to the fact the bright red color is both beautiful and uncommon, the price is a lot better than the diamond, so it is often discussed independently.

Silicon borosilicate magnesia

Although the primary entire specimen of borosilicate is produced in sri lanka, it may most effective be determined in madagascar, africa.

Usually, the crystallinity of the borosilicate magnesia crystals may be very terrible, and the internal cracks are many impurities, and the clean and obvious ones are certainly uncommon. consequently, it is difficult to see clean and obvious gem-quality borosilicate magnesia inside the market, and greater is a semi-arc floor.

Black opal

Black opal is the national stone of australia. the darkish history is full of colorful light, just like the brilliance of the celebrities and the laser. it is very astonishing.

Blue cone mine

The gemstones of the blue cone mine are usually small, and the easy and faultless faceted bare stone is not often visible, and basically only used for series. at gift, the arena's handiest gem-quality blue cone crystal is produced in california, with little or no production.

Alexander chameleon

The alexander chameleon belongs to the colour-converting sort of gold-green jade. under the sunlight, it will emit green light. while it's far placed below candlelight or incandescent mild, it's going to grow to be red light. inside the hand, it's going to refract discoloration.

Magnesium phenite

That is a kind of gemstone with rich colours. in tafi stone, human beings can see pink, blue, purple, brownish green, purple or even black. the world's largest taffeta stone is only extra than 10 carats. very uncommon, it's miles tough to shop for the proper cash.

These gemstones aren't as not so good as diamonds due to their extremely low yield, so the charge is not decrease than diamonds, even higher than diamonds.

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