The Standardization Of Commodity Standardization Will Accelerate The Penetration Of The Internet Into The Jewelry Industry

- Oct 16, 2018-

With the rapid economic growth in recent years, the healing of excessive-cease consumption, and the renewed demand brought about by means of consumption improvements, the jewelry enterprise has come to be a especially profitable enterprise that attracts buyers and customers. the rise of the wealthy class, the "millennial era" on the consumer stage, the boom of ladies's consumption electricity, the demographic exchange using client call for has a tendency to be various and personalised, bringing more worthwhile area to this industry. in line with the “china rings enterprise client call for and market competition funding forecast evaluation file” launched by using prospective industry research institute, the whole retail income of china's rings sales industry surpassed six hundred billion yuan in 2016 and 2017, and it's miles expected to exceed 800 billion yuan in 2021. 

On the equal time, the jewellery enterprise is confronted with possibilities and demanding situations. while welcoming the next degree of growth, the “achilles' heel” of this industry has become increasingly more outstanding, which has constrained the speedy development and similarly development of the jewellery industry to a degree. in keeping with the "4 developments of the future improvement of the jewelry enterprise" released via puhua in august this yr, the unique overall performance of the jewelry enterprise at this stage is: its "immune" effect inside the context of the net technology - line the development of the marketplace has been slow, and traditional trading strategies are nonetheless mainstream. but, what's the crux of the jewellery industry going through this problem, and the way is it damaged? in reaction to those doubts, we interviewed wang chunsheng, director of the country wide rings satisfactory supervision and inspection middle, tang huimin, a famous asian rings expert, and a senior practitioner inside the earrings buying and selling and identity industry.

The development of on line market inside the net era is blocked, how is the "consider" installed?

Within the past ten years, with the continuous development of the net, the net has profoundly modified the financial improvement of numerous industries. the products and offerings industries represented by way of excessive frequency, low fee and standardization have all been favored by the internet, inflicting subversive changes within the authentic business form. however, a few industries have shaped the "immune" traits of the net for their own special reasons and feature now not been "reformed" by way of the internet. the jewellery industry is one of the representatives. its low frequency, high price and non-standardization characteristics have hindered the increase of on line conversion fee in this enterprise. despite the fact that the internet jewelry market has ushered in a wave of development inside the beyond  years, it's miles far from being a jewelry change. mainstream.

Tang huimin, a taiwanese earrings expert, pointed out that the online trading marketplace of jewellery has terrific capability. but, due to issues about the pleasant of products, a few customers have doubts about the acquisition of on line jewelry products. the high percentage of high-jewel jewellery products has hindered the road. similarly development and prosperity of the jewellery marketplace. in response to this query, he stated: "open and obvious industry requirements are the key, and consumers' self belief inside the enterprise ought to be based on clean requirements."

On this regard, wang chunsheng, director of the national rings nice supervision and inspection middle, also believes that although the testing degree of the national quality inspection businesses is continuously enhancing, inside the face of the home jewelry marketplace with an annual turnover of almost one thousand billion, the quantity and insurance nonetheless exist. insufficient. however, the proliferation of inspection certificates on the market is repeated, and counterfeit inspection groups and forged certificates records are hard for consumers to distinguish. evidently, it's miles difficult to believe invisible online transactions.

However, with the rejuvenation of the purchaser agencies in the earrings enterprise and the continuous improvement of e-trade sales, the scenario is converting. for example, jingdong and different online jewellery buying and selling systems have taken measures to cooperate with authoritative testing businesses to set up clear trying out requirements. the in-depth cooperation among marketplace practitioners and quality inspection organizations has enabled the net marketplace jewelry to satisfy the necessities of every product with a take a look at certificates. when consumers buy jewelry on the platform, they handiest want to search for the products with the “great appraisal” emblem, and they are able to check the certificates similar to the products at the qc website. consequently, clients' popularity of the web trading marketplace is constantly enhancing, product great assurance is turning into greater best, and new believe relationships are constantly being built.

The fashion of youthfulness and clarification is plain, and the internet accelerates the standardization of jewellery.

No matter the modern troubles in on line trading of jewellery products, taiwanese rings expert tang huimin still firmly believes that the online internet market is still the future improvement possibility of the jewellery enterprise.

“with the millennial technology step by step becoming the primary customer, the jewellery enterprise is ready to usher in a wave of youthfulness, because of this that conventional consumption patterns and aesthetic principles will undergo a dramatic transformation.” tang huimin gave an instance of this point. he mentioned that youthfulness is pondered in a prime overall performance in the marketplace is the gold products which can be weighed by way of grams and are extremely difficult to standardize. their marketplace percentage is being changed via merchandise such as diamonds and okay gold which can be less complicated to standardize. gold products of extra than 30 grams require a excessive charge of 10,000 yuan, even as lighter weight diamonds, okay gold, silverware and different merchandise are pretty affordable, each day wear and peace with extra demand than gold items, which makes the frequency of consumption significantly stepped forward the extent of product standardization maintains to growth.

The failure of the "net immunity" characteristic will cause the penetration of the internet into the jewelry industry. for the conventional rings industry, it's also an possibility to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, accelerate the integration of on line and offline assets, or even expand the development area of the whole industry. wang chunsheng, director of the national rings first-rate supervision and inspection middle, also stated inside the interview that during the consumption upgrade phase, the consumer's buying idea may even alternate. from the bodily shopping center to the e-commerce sales trend, the jewellery marketplace may also bring in a brand new degree of development. on the same time, to make certain the satisfactory of products inside the online trading market, and to provide them with standardized and credible trying out and certification, it need to be the point of interest of great inspection agencies and enterprise practitioners.

At present, the massive-scale on line trading platform has already expressed obvious situation about this difficulty, and it is particularly worth of reference. it is the “kingjin alliance” assignment mutually initiated by using jingdong joint authorities fine inspection agency and jewellery merchants. through the establishment of the "kyoto alliance", is progressively clearing the barriers for the improvement of the industry within the "net + jewelry" degree, presenting complete safety for the process of standardization of commodity testing.

"kyoto alliance" + unbounded retail, the e-trade large's manner of breaking

As a leading agency within the home e-trade industry, jingdong mall plays an critical position in the system of internetization of the jewelry sales industry. in the previous survey of purchaser behavioral habits, many customers stated that they're acquainted with "small gadgets go to taobao to select reasonably-priced costs, while valuables purchase a peace of thoughts in jingdong." jingdong, which commenced with digital products, occurs to be correct at the web trading marketplace of valuable goods, and builds a platform of mutual advantage and mutual agree with among merchants and consumers.

Therefore, inside the technique of onlineization of the jewelry sales industry, the coping strategies adopted by means of are surprisingly representative. in 2018, jingdong launched the "kyoto alliance·jewelry great guarantee plan", with the countrywide jewelry excellent supervision and inspection center, the countrywide jewelry first-rate supervision and inspection center, the china university of geosciences rings trying out middle, the beijing zhongdi jewelry appraisal middle, and guangdong. the 5 main exceptional inspection groups of the provincial jewelry and treasured metals trying out middle signed a strategic cooperation settlement. amongst them, the national rings great supervision and inspection center and the country wide jewelry first-class supervision and inspection middle are the national requirements for jewelry, jade and treasured metals. the certificates issued by means of those authoritative companies can successfully assure the nice of products and, to a positive quantity, cast off market chaos. wang chunsheng, director of the country wide rings quality supervision and inspection center, believes that the concept of “true certified” promoted by means of jingdong on the grounds that 2004 has gained the popularity of clients. its pursuit of product quality assurance is steady with the intention of the national satisfactory inspection agency. the 2 sides started the inspiration of deep strategic cooperation.

It's miles understood that the plan also introduces the zhizhi chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform of jingdong big records and clever deliver chain department as a technical support. inside the destiny, the jewels which are related to the “wise chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform” may be determined on the order info page after the client purchases the order on-line.

Strictly implement the qualifications of traders, establish the brink for access into the excellent inspection establishments, and deepen the purchaser consider gadget – teamed up with the jewellery buying and selling platform and the authoritative great inspection business enterprise. the jingdong platform is dedicated to the standardization of the enterprise as a whole. at gift, jingdong and zhou dafu, zhou shengsheng and different large jewelers have reached the beijing exceptional alliance system access intention. and with the five excellent inspection corporations, it has fashioned a close interplay mechanism in records docking, nice supervision and inspection, and technical aid. wang chunsheng stated that that is the primary case inside the industry.

In the interview, senior personnel of jingdong fashion lifestyles organization emphasised that “jingdong and great inspection companies will share dangers and provide consumers with robust protection. the 2 events can solve the agree with trouble together and can completely dispel the worries of customers.” similarly, he additionally stated that within the day by day first-class manage work, jingdong will behavior a mysterious buy and sampling inspection on the high-chance commodity categories analyzed by using the platform within the shape of “thriller client”. if there are exceptional troubles in the goods, the merchant will be punished in keeping with the policies, and a chain of rectifications.

On the identical time, the jingdong platform leverages the strategic advantage of “unbounded retail” to completely empower jewellery traders. with its years of gathered patron information and its advantages in logistics and other infrastructure, jingdong platform has constructed a bridge for the speedy increase of “unbounded retail” for cooperative merchants. beautify the relationship between purchasers and merchants in an all-round manner, expand the channels and paths of on-line sales of jewellery merchandise, and decorate the online pastime of brands via go-border advertising and marketing. for instance, in august, the joint exhibition of jinzhan earrings square in shenzhen jinzhan jewelry square was launched. deciding on the “in depth platform” to promote the internetization process in the rings industry and benefit loads of millions of jewellery purchasers. at the beginning of this yr, it additionally launched the first on line gold repo platform, which become the primary to solve the problem of “easy to shop for gold and hard to sell gold”. jingdong is in its own particular manner to remedy the predicament of online jewellery merchandise and accelerate the expansion and transformation of the web buying and selling marketplace.

"kyoto alliance" to construct a brand new type of believe dating, "unbounded retail" to create on line and offline marketplace possibilities, jingdong is running collectively to sell the online market of the jewellery enterprise. with the gradual establishment and development of the standardization of commodity fine certification, the degree of rejuvenation and onlineization of the jewellery market will keep to growth. e-commerce platform, jewelry industry practitioners and fine inspection companies have to boom cooperation and collectively build a benign improvement trend of the industry and make a contribution to the improvement of a soar-forward enterprise.