Wedding Jewelry

- Jul 13, 2018-

Wedding jewelry refers to the kind of ornaments worn by couples during their marriage ceremony. For most cultures around the world, rings are the must-have jewelry for a wedding. However, there are other regions with specific ornaments for different parts of the body which are of significance in marriage ceremonies.

One peculiar aspect of wedding jewelry is that each piece has a significant meaning. For instance, a wedding ring or wedding band is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. It is supposed to signify the vow to eternal love to the person receiving the ring.

Some traditions still hold to some rules when it comes to the specifics of the ring. For instance, a Jewish wedding ring should be made of gold, without decorations or blemishes, to symbolize the beautiful simple marriage the newlyweds will have. However, most regions have broken from the practice and now accept rings that are decorated with gemstones or made of different metals. In fact, many couples are integrating their religious commitment into their wedding jewelry, by weaving crosses, the Star of David, or rosaries into their magnificent wedding bands.

There are also other ornaments used in weddings depending on the region. For instance, Indians wear nose rings, toe rings, and anklets to signify different statuses of a woman or man in regard to marriage. All these items have some religious and cultural significance in the union of marriage.