You Are Not Wearing Jewelry, But Your Style And Life.

- Aug 20, 2018-

In the third part of Nolan's "Batman", the opening ceremony tells that at the banquet eight years later, the catwoman of Anne Hathaway sneaked into the house of Batman Wayne and then steal a string of pearl necklaces. .

It was also because of the dazzling pearls that caused Wayne to notice her, and then unfolded the plot in the dance.


In another movie, Tiffany Breakfast, Hepburn played a poor senior escort girl. She dressed up and dressed up in a high society all day, trying to catch a place where the upper class was haunted and active. A golden turtle. In the movie, Hepburn's gorgeous necklace on the neck is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The pearl is the standard for the upper class jewelry.


Remember the former Bai Fumei Caroline in The Bankrupt Sisters? Even if you are late to work in a hotel, you still have to carry the expensive Chanel antique pearl necklace.

That is not as simple as an ornament, the string of pearl necklaces is the confidence of Caroline ladies.

You are not wearing jewelry, but your style and life.

There is a saying called You are what you eat. In fact, it is also true that you are what you wear, You are what you love. Your food and clothing and the faction form the overall style of your person.

Before diamonds became women's best friends, women's demand for jewellery seems to be less than naked, cheesy and bad reputation, because there is a more old-fashioned and high-end jewel that exists in the upper class. In the circle of women, that is the pearl.


Those who have seen Yi Shu’s early novels generally know that the Hong Kong female writer has a good aesthetic stage, and the depiction of people is also the most bitter.

The image of Wenqing, which came out of her story, loves minimalism, and it is a white khaki trousers, but it is a piece of jewels. For example, a group of dialogues appearing in "Xibao", the rich woman said: "Hey. Pet mother, mother's jewelry is 辜青斯基.” Xibao surprised: “Is Cartier's bad?” Smart smile: “That is the nouveau jewelry store, the upstart only knows Cartier.”

What is 辜青斯基? It is the old Polish jewellery brand Kutchinsky, mostly used by the royal family and the nobility. It pays attention to the hugeness of the jewelry itself and the simplicity of the mosaic. In contrast, the small jasper-like Tiffany, Cartier, can only rest with the side.


Yi Shu also has a middle piece called "Pearl." Pearl is the name of the heroine of this painter. One of her cousins describes her like this: "The temperament is nothing to say. It is a good painting of a Western painting. It is definitely not the kind of naked girl who paints a sailboat." The story does not say a straightforward one. The praise of the pearl, in my appearance, is simply naked--the pearl is absolutely irrelevant to the vulgar nude.

So think about our "Little Times". In the play, famous brands, nephews and jewelry are flying, jewelry? More precisely, it is a shiny, bright diamond and a gemstone with a bright color and style.


Of course, I don't want to say that pearl jewelry is high, and other blingbling gems are cheap. In fact, more, it is a difference in temperament, pearls always look more moist and elegant, with a kind of old school with stories and traditions, and the gem is more wild. What you wear is the style you choose.

The American drama "Mad Men" was nominated for 11 awards in this year's Emmy Awards. Apart from the plot, this film is also very particular about the style. The 60-generation retro jewellery makes me not worth watching the plot.

The female host Betty is a well-educated and well-family housewife, mature and gentle. Her overall shape was inspired by the late Moroccan Princess Grace Kelly. It is not difficult to understand why Betty attends the dinner party with her husband every time. The elegant and extravagant dress makes people smile at her. The combination of pearl jewelry is Betty's favorite.


Another sexy female secretary in the play, but the sexual fantasies of the company's male staff. Her jewelry choices are always very eye-catching and exaggerated, in line with her identity and personality.


You are not wearing jewelry, but your style and life.

Having said that, Xiaoyu’s preference for pearls is clear enough.

If ruby, sapphire, etc. are high-saturation colors, diamonds are dazzling, and pearls are more like a low-luxury white or soft beige.

According to Western society, the lighter and softer colors represent a higher class style, because this means that it does not have to withstand the test of many external environments, such as outdoor physical workers often wear dirty dark colors. And we will not wear white to squeeze the bus. The two colors, white and rice, represent decent.